Turnkey Formula

In partnership with the Wedding Planner at Pierrelatte in Provence, a brand new formula awaits you : our Turnkey formula.

This formula includes:

The rental of the wedding estate, which may include one or both of our two parties: le Domaine du Trusquin and le Clos du mogador. Unique and charming places to make your receptions unforgettable.

The restaurant ” La table du Trusquin “.
The Wedding planner “Jour J” who will accompany you in the planning of your wedding.
The decoration of your tables and chairs according to your desires.
A photographer.
A DJ to ensure the entertainment of your receptions.
Nannies to look after your children.

It is possible to adapt the turnkey formula according to your needs and desires, our team is there to meet your expectations.

This offer is available from 129€ per guest (rate based on the number of people).

Turnkey Formula

this unique formula include :

  • The rental of the place
  • The “La Table du Trusquin" caterer
  • The wedding planner “Jour J”
  • The decoration of your tables and chairs
  • A photographer
  • A DJ for the entertainment of your party
  • Nannies to look after your children
Possibility to adapt the formula according to your needsThis formula is avalaible From 129€ per guest all the year.

Découvrez Votre Wedding Planner JOUR J

For all your events THE DOMAINE DU TRUSQUIN

Located in the heart of the Provence in Pierrelatte, the Domaine du Trusquin offers you an exceptional place for your happy events.

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