The Whole Domain

Have you just fallen in love with our wonderful wedding venue in Provence and would like to take advantage of all our facilities ?
It is possible for you to rent our entire wedding estate, i.e both le Domaine du Trusquin and le Clos du Mogador.
By taking our entire wedding estate in Provence, you will be able to benefit from :

A large reception room for 200 guests (on le Domaine du Trusquin side)

A second room for 60 children (on le Domaine du Trusquin side)

A third room that can host more than 100 people for your wine of honor in case of bad weather (on le Clos du Mogador side).

A possibility to accommodate 40 people (both sides)

A 1115ft² bridal suite for the bride and groom (on le Clos du Mogador side)

A large, half-covered terrace for your wine of honor (on le Clos du Mogador side)

A secular ceremony space for the emotional moment of your wedding (on le Clos du Mogador side)

A wooded park (Clos du Mogador side)

A private swimming pool (Clos du Mogador side)

Multitudes of services and a wedding estate of over 2 hectares just for you during the best day of your life.

Our teams will be delighted to show you around our entire estate so that you can plan your wedding day.

Rental of the Domaine for a period of two days. Available from Friday evening 5pm until Sunday 6pm.

Do not wait any longer and contact us to schedule your first free visit by just clicking below!

The whole domain

Domaine du Trusquin & Clos du Mogador

Tous les avantages et services proposés par Le Domaine du Trusquin & le Clos du Mogador
  • Reception room up to 200 guests
  • Accommodations up to 38 guests
  • Large terrace for your wine of honor
  • Secular ceremony space
  • Bridal Suite of 1185ft²
  • Private swimming pool
Book now your visit for the whole Domain.
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Découvrez The Whole Domain

For all your events THE DOMAINE DU TRUSQUIN

Located in the heart of the Provence in Pierrelatte, the Domaine du Trusquin offers you an exceptional place for your happy events.

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