The Domaine du Trusquin

Alliance between modernity and Provencal charm, with exposed stone and hand-carved wood. The Domaine du Trusquin in Pierrelatte is an exceptional wedding venue for your most beautiful receptions.

The place has at your disposal an air-conditioned room that can host up to 200 guests (one of the largest reception rooms in Provence). Round tables and chairs will be at your disposal, free of charge. A kitchen is also included in the Domaine if you wish to choose your own caterer. A very large glass room will offer you a stunning view on a garden with seasonal plants, decorated with superb olive trees where you can have an aperitif in the open air.

You can also benefit from accommodation for up to 28 guests included in the rental of our estate.

Particular care has been taken with the lighting to make this place unique.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, we can provide you with a selection of quality professionals (caterers, DJs, photographers, florists) at a negotiated rate.

Please note: it is possible to rent the Domaine du Trusquin as well as the Clos du Mogador for your receptions.

All our reception rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Domaine du Trusquin

In the part of the Domaine du Trusquin, you will have:

  • Reception room up to 200 guests
  • Wedding Venue in Provence
  • Accommodations up to 28 guests with Bridal room equipped with a whirlpool bath and a King Size bed.
  • A kitchen is available if you wish to choose your own caterer.

Discover The Domaine du Trusquin

For all your events THE DOMAINE DU TRUSQUIN

Located in the heart of the Provence in Pierrelatte, le Domaine du Trusquin offers you an exceptional place for your happy events.

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