Near Montélimar, Orange and Pierrelatte Wedding venue in Provence

An authentic and outstanding place to celebrate the best day of your life with your partner and your loved ones: your wedding in Provence.

This place will perfectly fit to celebrate your union but also to celebrate an anniversary, a baptism, a reception, a general assembly or a seminar.

Former workplace of the artisan carpenter Trusquin, this place will show you the beauty and the association of the modern and the contemporary. The Domaine du Trusquin was originally an outbuilding of the Château de Faveyrolles dating from 1830 and was renovated in 2011, in order to welcome you in a unique place.

It is composed of several spaces allowing you to propose several environments to your guests during your receptions.

The first part, the Domaine du Trusquin will give you access to an amazing reception room. The second part, the Clos du Mogador has another reception room, more intimate, with a wonderful terrace for your wine of honor. Accommodations for your guests are available in both parts.

The idea of getting married in Provence seduces you and our estate seems to be the perfect place for you?

Do not wait any longer and contact us to discover all our formulas and schedule your first free visit!

Le Domaine du Trusquin

OUR SERVICES A lot of possibilities

Domaine du Trusquin

Domaine du Trusquin

200 Guests

Wedding Venue in Provence

  • Reception room up to 200 guests
  • Accommodations up to 28 guests
  • Bridal room equipped with a whirlpool bath and a King Size bed.
  • A kitchen is available if you wish to choose your own caterer.
  • Idyllic decoration for your wedding

Possibility to rent this part with the Clos du Mogador



100 Guests

Right next to the Domaine du Trusquin

  • Reception room up to 100 guests
  • Private swimming pool
  • Secular ceremony space
  • Large terrace for your wine of honor
  • Bridal Suite of 1185ft².
  • Accommodations up to 10 guests
  • Half covered terrace

Possibility to rent this part with the Domaine du Trusquin



From 129€ per guest

In partnership with wedding planner Jour J in Pierrelatte

  • The rental of the place
  • The “La Table du Trusquin” caterer
  • The wedding planner “Jour J”.
  • The decoration of your tables and chairs
  • A photographer, Nannies …
  • A DJ for the entertainment of your party

Possibility to adapt the formula according to your needs

A family story ABOUT US

Passionate for more than 11 years in the organization and development of your weddings, we will be pleased to do everything possible to make sure that you live an unforgettable moment in our domain.

Former outbuildings of the Château de Faveyrolles renovated in 2011, this place belonged in the past to a craftsman carpenter giving today architectural wonders that we invite you to come and discover during your first visit !

Thanks to our experience, we will be able to advise our partners so that your wedding will be the same as the one you have always dreamed of.

Contact us to schedule your first appointment so that we can begin together to prepare your union.

Cathy & Patrick

Prepare your wedding in 3 steps

A place of impressive charm for an outstanding wedding.

  • Step 1: Book your visit
  • Step 2: Choose your date
  • Step 3: On the way to the wedding

For all your events THE DOMAINE DU TRUSQUIN

Located in the heart of the Provence in Pierrelatte, le Domaine du Trusquin offers you an exceptional place for your happy events.


Testimonials Because your opinion matters to us

  • Un lieu idéal pour un mariage, le repas était excellent et les logements magnifiques.Je recommande à 100%
  • A great area for a successful marriage! All the people there were very pleasant and allowed us to fully enjoy our wedding by making our life as easy as possible and by listening to us at all times.
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