The Clos du Mogador

Adjacent to le Domaine du Trusquin, between Orange and Montélimar, the Clos du Mogador is a charming wedding estate which will take your and make your receptions magical.

We offer a special place to celebrate your most beautiful secular ceremonies, to make this wonderful moment unique.

The reception room, which can host up to 100 guests, has an extremely elaborate design to offer you a pleasant and prestigious setting (exposed stone walls, waxed concrete floor…). This room is air- conditioned for a general comfort. This reception room is also perfectly adapted to the wines of honour and seminars.

Both this room and the room at the Domaine du Trusquin are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Weather permitting, you will be able to celebrate your wines of honour on a large terrace.
A private swimming pool is included in the rental of the estate.
An accommodation is also available for up to 10 guests.

An accommodation is also available for up to 10 guests.

A bridal suite of 1185 ft² just for you … Modern lounge, spacious bedroom and balneotherapy bath await you and your partner for a dream night.

We will do our utmost to make this moment magical and help you organise your most beautiful wedding receptions by offering you the services of quality professionals (DJ, Photographers, Florists…).

Please note : The restaurant La table du Trusquin will take care of the wine of honour and the meal of your wedding. The little extra, Corkage fee are offered !

Clos du Mogador

The Clos du Mogador has some nice surprises in store for you :

  • Reception room up to 100 guests
  • Private swimming pool
  • Secular ceremony space
  • Large terrace for your wine of honor
  • Bridal Suite of 1185ft²
  • Accommodations up to 10 guests
Possibility to rent this part with the Domaine du Trusquin

Discover The Clos du Mogador

Pour tous vos événements THE DOMAINE DU TRUSQUIN

Located in the heart of the Provence in Pierrelatte, le Domaine du Trusquin offers you an exceptional place for your happy events.

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